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Did You Know Fact!
Did you know that 1 out of 3 Americans is at risk for developing kidney disease? Two leading causes are high blood pressure and diabetes. March is National Kidney Month, take care of yourself!
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Windom Area Hospital Foundation Offers Scholarship Opportunities
Deadline for applications is March 31st
The Windom Area Hospital Foundation will once again reward scholarships to students pursuing higher education in a healthcare related field.

To get more information and application materials, click HERE. 
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Patients and families needing to access the Emergeny Room at the Windom Area Hospital should continue to enter through the door under the Emergency sign. While construction is happening to the right of the door, the entrance remains accessible. Entrance through this door is important to ensure medical staff are alerted of your arrival.

Windom Area Hospital Welcomes Dr. Yusuf
Dr. AJ Yusuf will join the medical staff at Sanford Mt. Lake and Sanford Windom Clinics starting March 1st. Windom Area Hospital would like to join Sanford in welcoming Dr. Yusef to our community. As a family medicine provider, Dr. Yusuf will see patients at the Windom Area Hospital if admitted as inpatients.

Family medicine is special to Dr. Yusuf because he loves the opportunity it provides to see patients from infancy to geriatrics. He also states in a recent video interview that, “continuity of care makes family medicine very special, there is a deeper physician and patient relationship.” He also notes that he looks forward to having shared decision making between the patient and himself, and likes the fact that family medicine has a focus on preventative medicine.

AJ Yusuf, MD, received his medical degree in 2011 from the University of Nebraska Medical Center. He completed his family medicine residency at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. Dr. Yusuf came to the area from Sanford Worthington and is board certified in family medicine

For more information on Dr. Yusuf and the rest of our medical staff,  CLICK HERE. 
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Construction Update
Roof Decking Nears Completion
The roof decking on the new building is nearly all in place. Additional welding will be completed to secure the roofing before steel studs and insulation can be installed. Yellow material board will be fastened to the walls before brick will be installed.

Inside the building, we are working on a lot of plumbing and electrical changes. As part of this, a large wall has been built near our nurse's station, causing some disruption to our hallways and waiting areas.

Plastic barriers have also been installed in the hallway near the fitness center so medical gas and water piping can be installed.

Looking into the Spring, we expect our concrete floors in the new addition to be poured in April.

The Birth Place welcomes Dr. Buhler
Dr. Buhler is currently accepting new OB patients.
Windom Area Hospital and The Birth Place are excited to welcome Dr. Stephanie Buhler to our highly-trained medical staff.

Dr. Buhler completed her residency in family medicine and received additional training in performing c-sections.

The Birth Place and Dr. Buhler are proud to provide convenient local care during your pregnancy, delivery, and beyond.

Dr. Buhler is accepting new patients at the Avera Medical Group Windom, call 831-1915 to schedule.

To find out more about Dr. Buhler, click HERE .
To learn more about The Birth Place and our services,  CLICK HERE. 
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Ebola threat hightens WAH preparedness
While an ebola outbreak is not likely in our area, WAH is preparing for the potential threat by taking several steps.

All patients presenting at the hospital will be screened by staff using the following protocol, prescribed by Sanford and the Center for Disease Control (CDC):

1. All patients are being asked travel questions upon first contact with WAH Staff.

2. Patients are also screened for a fever of 100.4 or above and other physical symptoms including headache, weakness, muscle pain, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain or hemorrhage.

If a patient may be a risk, the staff follow a recommended protocol including isolating the patient, implementing a notification chain, and wearing protective gear.

The process has also be incorporated into our electronic medical record system, to ensure staff and patient safety.

Click HERE to learn more about what WAH is doing to prepare.

Windom Area Health & Fitness
We focus on your fitness
Top 3 reasons to join:
1. Two Exercise Physiologists on staff offering free personal training

2. Free yoga and cardio classes

3. Staff on-site 5 days a week

Click HERE visit the Windom Area Health & Fitness page!
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Windom Area Hospital Plans Expansion
The Windom Area Hospital is in the midst of an expansion. Read about the overall project here.

For full details and new pictures, click HERE .

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Windom Area Hospital

WINDOM: 507.831.2400 | MT. LAKE: 507.427.2700
2150 Hospital Drive, PO Box 339 Windom, MN 56101



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