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The Birth Place welcomes Dr. Buhler
Dr. Buhler is currently accepting new OB patients.
Windom Area Hospital and The Birth Place are excited to welcome Dr. Stephanie Buhler to our highly-trained medical staff.

Dr. Buhler completed her residency in family medicine and received additional training in performing c-sections.

The Birth Place and Dr. Buhler are proud to provide convenient local care during your pregnancy, delivery, and beyond.

Dr. Buhler is accepting new patients at the Avera Medical Group Windom, call 831-1915 to schedule.

To find out more about Dr. Buhler, click HERE .
To learn more about The Birth Place and our services,  CLICK HERE. 

Construction Update
Excavation in preparation for new building
Excavation has been completed on the large hole that has been dug on the site of the new building. The final depth was 10 feet, which was necessary to remove soil that would not have been suitable for a building to be built on. For compaction reasons, better ‘fill’ soil will be hauled in before the foundation is laid.

Surprisingly, the large pile of dirt by the entrance will not be used for this purpose, but it will be used for final grading around the structure.

The hole will be filled until about 4-5 feet remain, when concrete footings will be put in place.

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Ebola threat hightens WAH preparedness
While an ebola outbreak is not likely in our area, WAH is preparing for the potential threat by taking several steps.

All patients presenting at the hospital will be screened by staff using the following protocol, prescribed by Sanford and the Center for Disease Control (CDC):

1. All patients are being asked travel questions upon first contact with WAH Staff.

2. Patients are also screened for a fever of 100.4 or above and other physical symptoms including headache, weakness, muscle pain, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain or hemorrhage.

If a patient may be a risk, the staff follow a recommended protocol including isolating the patient, implementing a notification chain, and wearing protective gear.

The process has also be incorporated into our electronic medical record system, to ensure staff and patient safety.

Click HERE to learn more about what WAH is doing to prepare.

Windom Area Health & Fitness
The Wellness Center has been renamed "Windom Area Health & Fitness"
The Wellness Center at the Windom Area Hospital was recently renamed Windom Area Health & Fitness. The renaming coincides with the center’s 15 year anniversary.

Click HERE to learn more about the change and  upcoming events!
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"Did you Know" Campaign
In a survey of our community during the summer of 2013, 51% of Cottonwood County Residents listed the Windom Area Hospital as the first hospital or clinic that comes to mind. Location was the primary reason for the 'top of mind' honor. The survey also told us that there are services and information about the Hospital our residents are unfamiliar with. Here at the Hospital, we want our community to not only think of us for convenience, but to know us for the services we offer, great employees we have on staff, and our commitment to providing excellent healthcare to our community.

That's why we are embarking on a "Did you Know" social media campaign. Each week we will be posting new "Did you Know" facts here on our website and on Facebook. Take this chance to learn something interesting about your local Hospital!

Did You Know Fact!
Did you know that we currently have 8 volunteer chaplains from local churches who are available to provide services to our patients?

Click HERE to learn more about our pastoral care and chapel services.

Windom Area Hospital Plans Expansion
New Pictures!
The Windom Area Hospital is planning an expansion.

For full details and new pictures, click HERE .

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Windom Area Hospital

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