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Diabetes Support Group

The Diabetes Support Group is an education and support series for people with diabetes, or for anyone who is interested in learning more about diabetes. This group meets the first Tuesday of the month at 6:45 p.m. at either the Windom Area Hospital (February, April, May, October, December), or the Mt. Lake Public Library (January, March, November). The support series features an education component, a time to share personal experiences and a question/answer session. For additional information contact Priscilla Comnick at Windom Area Hospital at 831-2400 or Sheri Stevens at Sanford Windom Clinic at 507-831-2223.

2015/2016 Support Group Schedule:

Oct 6th -  "How to Stay Healthy with Diabetes" by Pricilla Comnick, RN/DE.  Held at Windom Area Hospital's Large Conference Room.

Nov 3rd- "Review of Lab Reports Needed for Diabetes and Why" by Dr. AJ Yusuf, Sanford Clinics.  Held at Mountain Lake Public Library.

Dec 1st- "Food Safety" By: Ann Busker, RD and WAH Dietitian.  Held at Windom Area Hospital's Cafeteria

Jan 5th- "Diabetes and Depression" By Jennifer Butler, LICSW, Sanford Clinics.  Held at Mountain Lake Public Library.

Feb 2nd - "Cooking Tips for 1 or 2" By: Ann Busker, RD.  Held at Windom Area Hospital's Cafeteria

March 1st - "How to Prepare for Vacation/Travel with Diabetes" By: Sheri Schwalbach, RN.  Held at Mt. Lake Public Library.

April 5th- TBD  Held at Windom Area Hospital

May 3rd- "Source for Education Relating to Diabetes" By: Sheri Schwalbach, RN. Held at Mt. Lake Public Library.

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