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Diabetic Education

Windom Area Hospital is proud to have achieved American Diabetes Assosication Recognition for our efforts in the areas of Diabetes education and management. A Diabetic Educator is available to counsel inpatient and and outpatients.  The educator will review care plans, offer education, answer questions and work to ease the transition of acceptance for newly diagnosed patients.

Diabetic Educator

Priscilla Comnick, RN
Priscilla has been a Registered Nurse for over twenty years.  Her interest in diabetes was sparked when she helped to start and education program at the Westbrook hospital. 

Currently there are nearly 17 million people with diabetes.  Each year 880,000 new cases are diagnosed.  Priscilla hopes to raise community awareness that diabetes is on the rise.

"The more knowledge you have, the more power your have," commented Priscilla.  "With the right regimen, people can live a long, healthy life."

Self Management classes for diabetics and their families.

A Diabetes Self-Management Class is available to patients.  The class consists of two group sessions that family and spouses are encouraged to attend, and a one-to-one session to discuss patient specific care and treatment plans.  A physician's referral is required to attend the Self-Management Class.  For information, contact Priscilla Comnick, RN at 507-831-2400

Program Objective
The patients will demonstrate knowledge and skills to help optimally manage their diabetes and prevent long term complications.

Program Format
Two group classes will discuss the topics listed below.  Our Diabetic Educator will also meet with each person individually to discuss customized treatment and care plans.  Spouses or family members are encouraged to attend the sessions to lear about diabetes and its effect.


Class Topics- Class #1

  • Diabetes basics
  • Beginning meal planning (counting carbohydrates)
  • Blood glucose machines & monitoring
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Medications
  • Exercise & weight control

Class Topics- Class #2 (Individual Session)

  • Review of current regimen, medications & blood glucose (bring log and meter)
  • Sick day management
  • Preventatitive care
  • Activity
  • Goad Setting
  • Preconception care
  • Meet with dietician about: label reading, restaurants(alcohol) & using sugar subsitutes

Class Topics- Class #3

  • ABC's of diabetes
  • Annual check ups
  • Finishing meal plan
  • Traveling
  • Problem solving
  • Preventing complication
  • Upcoming diabetes supplies




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